Join ADZbuzz And Earn 100 Community Tokens Per Day PLUS Earn Daily Dividends!

ADZbuzz is a content discovery platform / RSS reader where you can easily follow your favorite sites' community and put them into feeds. This allows you to easily browse the latest content of all your favorite sites in one place, all 100% free.


Discover Content From Your Favorite Sites And Earn Daily Cryptocurrencies

To make it even better, you will earn 100 ADZbuzz Community tokens, built on Ethereum, every day just by logging into ADZbuzz. As the owner of the communities, you will also earn daily profits which the communities generate just by holding your community tokens.

1. Log Into ADZbuzz

Visit ADZbuzz And Get 100 Community Token Credits Which You Can Use To Claim Ownership In ADZbuzz Communities.

2. Organize Your Content

Follow Your Favorite Sites' Communities And Easily Browse Through The Latest Content All In One Place.

3. Earn Daily Dividends

Holding ADZbuzz Community Tokens Allows You To Earn Daily Dividends From The Daily ADZbuzz Profit Share!

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Start Growing Your Earnings, One Day At A Time!

Earnings Are Distributed Once A Day From Numerous Income Sources.

Exchange Your Earnings For Numerous Cryptocurrencies Such As Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash Etc.


Discover The Amazing ADZbuzz Features!

Find All Your Favorite Sites

On ADZbuzz you can easily search for and find your favorite sites in the powerful search feature.

View All Sites You Follow

Follow your favorite sites' communities with the click of a button and view them all in one place.

Create Feeds Based On Categories

Organize the communities you follow in your feed manager to easily sort them in a particular category of your choice.

Instantly Access Your Favorite Sites' Content

After adding your favorite sites in your feeds you can easily access all the content through the sidebar menu.

See The Latest Content In Your Personal Stream

Your personal stream displays all the content of the sites you have followed so you can easily browse them from just one place.

Discover The Latest Content In Specific Categories

With the click of a button you can switch to a stream of content from a specific category and discover more interesting communities.

Discover New Content From All Sites

If you want to see the new content being added on ADZbuzz in real-time you can do that in the “latest” stream.

ADZbuzz Communities Are Tokenized

ADZbuzz Communities are tokenized and ownership is represented by ERC20 Tokens built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Earn Daily Cryptocurrencies For Holding Tokens

As you log into ADZbuzz every day you can claim more and more tokens and watch your earnings grow over time.

Turn Content Discovery Into Something Super Exciting

ADZbuzz is the most exciting content discovery platform on the planet with a 100% unique system.

Start Discovering Content And Earn Daily Tokens Of Your Favorite Sites