From Rags to Riches to Rags Again: 21 Lottery Winners Who Lost Everything

Winning the lottery and suddenly being millions of dollars richer means being set for life, right? Maybe, but only if you can avoid the mistakes made by these lottery winners who lost it all. If you find yourself holding a winning lottery ticket, make sure to learn from these cautionary tales.

shared July 12 by Miles
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Armin Pajula Could not read more than 8 cases. After second winner took his life.
So sad how people get reckless with money and do not think ahead.

July 12

Miles I am on case number 13 it gets worse man.

July 12

Andro I read all of them and I am pretty impressed. Definitely it only bring you problems...not sure what I'll do with adzs if it really skyrocket..perhaps charity xD?

July 13

Armin Pajula Andro You have to reinvest so you will have a passive income for life. When that part is out of the way then you can do whatever you please with your money, use for charity or for any other great cause. Your expenses have to be always lower than your income or you end up bankrupt sooner or later.
Those in that story started to spend immediately without thinking how to use that lottery win to get a passive income by investing.

July 13

Miles Yeah exactly as Armin said. You need to invest to earn a passive income bro. Having a lot of money without using it to generate a passive income will lead you to become like those people who lost everything after being rich.

Invest to build a passive income. Then live off of your passive income money. Not your adzcoins.

Sadly those people had no idea what to do and just spent all their money on things that did not make them more money but increased their expenses.

And charity is always good of course

July 13

Sincerity Sad

July 14