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FAQ Page

ADZbuzz is a platform that has been in beta for nearly two years, and during this period we have added tons of features to make ADZbuzz an amazing content discovery platform that solves a lot of problems for a lot of people.

It's important that you first read the ADZbuzz whitepaper in order to get a good understanding of how everything is interconnected and how the platform combines the entertainment value for users with offering a solution for real-world problems.

Table Of Contents

Quick Start FAQ

ADZbuzz Account


ADZbuzz Communities






ADZbuzz Limited



Quick Start FAQ

What Is ADZbuzz?

ADZbuzz is a content discovery platforms with social elements. Everybody can share content using the ADZbuzzer and discover content in numerous categories. It will become the starting point of millions of internet users because all their favorite content of their favorite sites is in one place and it actually helps the site owners at the same time.
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What Problems Does ADZbuzz Solve?

The ADZbuzz platforms solves problems for web publishers, advertisers, people raising funds and just about any internet user, all through our content discovery platform. If you want to get a detailed overview of how we solve these problems exactly please read the ADZbuzz whitepaper here.
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What Is The Daily Reward?

ADZbuzz has several income streams and shares 90% of the total profit with its members. All that is required to do in order for ADZbuzz members to earn the daily reward is to login to the platform once a day.
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What Is ADZcoin?

The daily rewards are paid in ADZcoin, a decentralized cryptocurrency (digital cash) similar to Bitcoin. ADZcoin also represents part of the ADZbuzz ad space and can be used by advertisers to promote products and services on the ADZbuzz network.
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Why Is There A Daily Reward?

We want ADZbuzz to become the starting platform of millions of people worldwide. This will allow us to solve the problems we are solving with ADZbuzz much faster, and for this ADZbuzz users get a bonus to login to the platform once a day.
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Why Are Rewards Paid In ADZcoins?

ADZcoin represents part of the ADZbuzz and ADZbuzz partner site's ad space. This way we can reward publishers and advertisers who use the platform with an asset that will help them drive more visitors to their sites or offers. Regular users who earn daily rewards can easily cash out their ADZcoins for USD by swapping them to ad space credits and selling the ad space they acquire using our own in-house exchange.
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Where Are ADZcoins Stored?

Your ADZcoins are stored in a web wallet integrated on ADZbuzz, and can be withdrawn to any other wallet at any time. Withdrawals usually take 24-48 hours to complete, sometimes it can be faster.
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What Are ADZbuzz Communities?

Every site owner can have his own ADZbuzz community, and every ADZbuzz member can join the communities of all his favorite sites. This will allow you to discover all the latest posts in the communities tab in your ADZbuzz dashboard.
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What Is ADZbuzz Titan?

ADZbuzz Titan is an all-in-one earnings platform that is connected to ADZbuzz and which allows ADZbuzz users to earn more ADZcoins every day by performing simple tasks or taking actions. Here is an overview of the various ways members can earn:

  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Completing offers
  • Clicking links
  • Filling out surveys
  • Complete micro-task
  • Watch advertisements
  • Like Social media pages
  • Install apps
  • Many more to come…
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What Is Tifostarter?

Tifostarter is a content discovery platform where football fans can read the latest news about their favorite teams, just like how you can discover the latest content of your favorite sites on ADZbuzz. The combination of the daily login bonus with the ADZbuzz Titan platform to increase earnings is on Tifostarter used to raise funds for football fans so they can create amazing tifos, buy new merchandise, organize events etc. The daily login bonus and extra earnings can be fully or partially donated to your team’s balance and will help to increase your team’s rankings in the Tifostarter in-house competition.
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What Is ADZbuzz Services?

ADZbuzz Services is a Fiverr-like marketplace where people can buy and sell micro-jobs. The platform is connected to ADZbuzz and serves as one of the income streams for the daily profit share.
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How To Use The ADZbuzz Platform?

The most important thing on ADZbuzz is to have fun exploring content in all the categories you’re interested in. This makes ADZbuzz a wonderful place to start your daily internet adventure.
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Is There A To-Do List After Signing Up?

After joining ADZbuzz, make sure to complete these simple things to benefit the most from our amazing content discovery platform:

  • Set Up Your Profile And Avatar Here
  • Login To ADZbuzz Once A Day
  • Share Interesting Content using the ADZbuzzer
  • Join the ADZbuzz communities of your favorite sites
  • Join the ADZbuzz forum to join the ADZbuzz discussion
  • Check out the FAQ section to have all your questions answered
  • Need personal account help? Please visit our help desk here
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Site Functions

How can I share content on ADZbuzz?

Content can be shared through the ADZbuzzer, a social share feature just as how you can share content on Facebook. Follow these steps to share content on ADZBuzz:

  • Go to the ADZbuzzer tab in your ADZbuzz dashboard
  • Copy and paste the link you want to share in the ADZbuzzer and click the “Share” button:
  • The share popup will appear where you can add your own opinion about the post you share and the categories that fit the content best (which will appear once you start typing). After doing this you can hit the share button and the post will be shared on the ADZbuzzer tab in the designated category.
  • And as you can see, the article will be shared to ADZbuzz in the categories you set:

Sharing content is easy and it makes ADZbuzz an interesting place for fellow ADZbuzzers.
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How can I switch categories In the ADZbuzzer tab?

The ADZbuzzer tab in the ADZbuzz dashboard allows you to switch categories easily. You can also set pre-defined categories so you will only see the content targeted to your interests. In order to switch categories, just click the link to the category in either the stream or the sidebar directly:

As you'll see, then only the articles in that particular category will appear in your ADZbuzzer stream:

In order to switch back to all categories, click the “view all” link here:
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Can I set pre-defined categories in my dashboard?

Yes. Everybody has the option to choose which categories they want to see in the ADZbuzzer tab. In order to set your preferred categories, head over to the settings page in your ADZbuzz dashboard, enable the preferred view and enter the categories you want to view in your ADZbuzz dashboard:

You can add an unlimited amount of categories and only the categories you set will appear in your ADZbuzz dashboard when enabling this function. This will ensure you only get to see the content in the categories you're interested in.
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What is the stream and communities tab?

In the stream tab, which can be found next to the ADZbuzzer tab in the ADZbuzz dashboard, you find the latest content of the web publishers who have added the ADZlink to their site. In the communities tab you'll find the latest content of the site's communities you have followed.
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How can I search and follow other members?

In the ADZbuzz header you'll find a search box where you can look for other members:

Once you arrive at the person's timeline you can follow them by clicking on the follow button:

You can also follow people that are suggested to you in the social timeline and the ADZbuzz lounge an even refresh to find more people:

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What is the social timeline?

On the social timeline you'll find all the latest post shared with the ADZbuzzer of the people you follow.
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What is the ADZbuzz lounge?

The ADZbuzz lounge is a timeline where you can find links to all the major announcements made by the ADZbuzz Team.
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ADZbuzz Account

What do I need to do to create an account?

In order to create an ADZbuzz account you need to:

  • Provide a working email address (preferably gmail)
  • Confirm that email address through the link sent to that address
  • Complete the tour explaining all of ADZbuzz main features

I didn't get an email verification email, what can I do?

If you didn't get the email notification, please:

  • Wait at least 5-10 minutes
  • Check your spam box
  • If you didn’t receive the verification mail, please contact our help desk using the email address you used to sign up with
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Do I need to complete the tour before my account is verified?

Yes. If you don’t complete the tour your account won’t be verified and you won’t be eligible for the daily login bonus.
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Can I have more than one account?

No. We only allow 1 ADZbuzz account per household.
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What if my family member wants to join ADZbuzz?

Please contact our help desk for further instructions.
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How do I edit my ADZbuzz profile?

In order to edit your profile, please visit the settings page in your ADZbuzz account.
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What privacy settings can I set?

You have the option to determine:

  • To confirm follow requests
  • Who can follow you
  • Who can message you
  • Who can comment on your posts
  • Who can post on your timeline
  • Who can see your post
  • If you want to receive sponsor email messages
  • If you want to receive site email notifications
  • If you want to receive site push notifications

Please check the privacy tab in your ADZbuzz account settings page.
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How can I change the notifications sound?

You have an option to change the sound effect for notifications and private messages in the notification settings tab. The world icon represents general notification sounds, like when someone likes your posts for instance. The message bubble will play when someone sends you a chat message.

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Can I turn off sound notifications?

Yes. By clicking the 3 dots icon you are able to:

  • Play the sound notification
  • Download the sound notification (in case you want to reuse it)
  • Turn off the sound notification by clicking the third option
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Can I change my ADZbuzz username and email address?

Yes. You can change your ADZbuzz username and/or email address in the general settings tab of your ADZbuzz dashboard. Please note that:

  • If you already used your referral link with your old username, it will become inactive.
  • You will need to enter a code in order to change your username or email address. This code will be sent to the email address you used to sign up with.
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Can I change my ADZbuzz password?

Yes. On the password page you are able to change your password by providing:

  • Your current password
  • A new password that matches the description of safety
  • The code sent to your email address you used to sign up to ADZbuzz
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What is the activity log?

In the activity log you can see all the actions performed related to your account. These can be:

  • Your daily logins
  • Who viewed your posts
  • Who like your posts
  • Who commented on your posts

So it’s basically the reference as to all the activity in your account by you and other members.
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Can I deactivate my ADZbuzz account?

Yes. In order to deactivate your account, please send a ticket to our help desk using the email address you used to sign up to ADZbuzz and we will help you out with your request.
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How can I keep my ADZbuzz account secure?

The most important action you can take is to create a completely new password for your ADZbuzz account and store it somewhere secure.
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Do you have 2FA security enabled?

Yes. For every important action on the ADZbuzz platform such as changing password, changing account info or withdrawing coins you’ll be required to have access to the email account you used to sign up with. A code will be sent to you which needs to be entered in the designated field to complete the action. Learn here more about how that works exactly.
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How many times can I attempt to enter my password before my account is locked?

To secure your account and prevent hacking attempts we have integrated a security feature that limits the amount of times a hacker can try to login to your account with a wrong password. After 5 wrong attempts your account will be locked for 30 minutes.
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Is it mandatory to change my password every now and then?

To make it less likely for hackers to guess your ADZbuzz account password, we have integrated a mandatory password update every 3 months.
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What is needed to update my password?

In order to update your password you need:

  • Your current password
  • A new password that passes the security parameters
  • To confirm your new password

Please don’t forget to confirm your new password.
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What happens if my account gets hacked?

The moment you notice your account is hacked, make sure to contact our help desk and our security department will help you to restore access to your account if needed.
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ADZbuzz Communities

What are ADZbuzz communities?

In ADZbuzz communities, all the posts of a particular site are added and discussed by its members. This makes it easy for you to follow all your favorite sites on ADZbuzz. At the moment, during our beta pahse, you can only join communities of websites who have the ADZlink installed. Later we will allow you to join communities of just about any site online. Once this is the case we will make an announcement.

How do I join an ADZbuzz community?

ADZbuzz communities can be found by clicking the “ADZlinked Sites” button in the communities tab in your dashboard:
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From the ADZlinked sites page you’ll be able to search for and check out the communities of all the sites who have a community created for them:

When clicking the “View community” button you’ll be able to join that particular community by clicking the “Join” button:

If the button turns to “joined” you’ll now find the latest posts of that site In your communities tab in your ADZbuzz dashboard.
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How can I create a community?

In the ADZlinked sites page you might come across sites who added the ADZlink but haven’t got a community created for them yet. Here you can see an example:

When clicking the button you’ll be asked to define the category of the site:

You can add more than one category if needed.

When clicking the “Create Community” button you’ll become the owner of that particular community.
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What is my job as a community owner?

Your main job is posting the latest content of the site on the communities tab using the ADZnouncer, which works exactly the same as the ADZbuzzer share feature:

It’s also recommended to keep your community spam free.
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Do I earn from ADZbuzz communities?

Yes. As a community owner you get rewarded if your community becomes active and remains spam free. We have a special algorithm to determine earnings for community owners which gets updated frequently to ensure joining a community becomes a great experience.
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How can I check my earnings on ADZbuzz?

There are various ways to earn on ADZbuzz. In order to check all the stats about your earnings, please visit the earnings page here or click the earning number in the top menu directly.
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How are earnings divided on ADZbuzz?

On ADZbuzz there are several ways to earn such as daily login, performing tasks, referring others, managing communities, monetizing your website etc. Please check this post explaining in full detail how you can earn and how earnings are divided.
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Where do earnings come from?

ADZbuzz has several income streams which are used to support the business and share profits with members and publishers. Here is an overview:

  • ADZbuzz Web Wallet – fees for withdrawals
  • ADZbuzz Services – Fee per sale
  • ADZbuzz Titan – Fee of member’s earnings
  • ADZbuzz Hosting – Fee for every sale
  • Exclusive Deals – Various offers
  • Advertising Sales
  • ADZbuzz Savers – Affiliate Commissions (coming soon)
  • More things coming…

ADZbuzz will constantly expand the current income streams to ensure the daily earnings for the various groups of people grows parallel with the growing ADZbuzz user-base.
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When can I withdraw my earnings?

Earnings become available after exactly 30 days, this due to verification of earnings in each ADZbuzz account.
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How can I withdraw my earnings?

On the withdrawal page you can send coins to any external ADZcoin wallet address.
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How can publishers benefit from ADZbuzz?

Publishers can benefit from ADZbuzz in various ways:

  • Grow their community

Every site owner needs a loyal audience that loves to consume their content. On ADZbuzz publishers get an active community built for them by other ADZbuzz members.

  • Drive more traffic to their site

Publishers can share their latest content on ADZbuzz using the ADZbuzzer. They also get more followers to their community allowing them to drive loyal visitors to their site.

  • Monetize their site with the ADZlink

Publishers have the opportunity to add a little plugin to their site which pays them based on visitors and community activity. This makes the ADZlink an effective extra monetization tool for every site owner.
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How does the ADZlink work exactly?

The ADZlink is a plugin that any website owner can add to their site to add an additional income stream to their business. It’s non-intrusive, it doesn’t invade the privacy of visitors and it pays publishers the same way as how they are paid from regular ads. Here you can see an example of how the ADZlink looks like:

The ADZlink counts visitors and community activity along with some other metrics (none of which track website visitors) and our special algorithm determines how much every publisher earns every day.
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Can I add the ADZlink in other places?

Yes. The ADZlink can be added on the left side, the right side or the bottom right corner of a site.
Top ⇑

How do I install the ADZlink?

The ADZlink can either be added to a site using a Wordpress plugin or by adding some code to your site. Please follow the instructions on the Publisher page in your ADZbuzz dashboard to find out how to install the ADZlink.
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What is the ADZbuzz adverts manager?

The ADZbuzz adverts manager is the core ad server of ADZbuzz. Advertisers can submit ads and they will be displayed across all of the ADZbuzz project’s ad inventory
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How can I advertise on ADZbuzz?

ADZbuzz uses a very unique system that allows advertisers to actually own part of the ad space on ADZbuzz. Ad space can be acquired in two ways:

  • Withdraw ADZcoins to the burn address so your coins get swapped for lifelong ad credits.
  • Order ad space on the buy ad space page.

ADZcoins can be acquired on various cryptocurrency exchanges. On the buy ad space page there is also an option to purchase ad space using Paypal or credit card.
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What is the DFY service?

The DFY ad server service means that you basically hire us to submit ads for you, and share 90% of the profits of those ads with you. This way you don’t need to find ads, track them, optimize them etc.

We do the work for you and as most ad management services we charge a 10% commission on your total profits. The remaining revenue the ads generate is sent to you once a day straight to your ADZbuzz earnings wallet (in ADZcoins) and can be withdrawn after 30 days.
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How do ad credits work?

Buy Ad Credit
Top ⇑

If I own coins, how do I withdraw coins to the burn address to acquire lifelong ad space?

If you own ADZcoins and you want to exchange them for lifelong ad credits in the ADZbuzz ad server, there are 3 options:

  • Exchange coins held in your web wallet
  • Exchange coins held in your earnings wallet
  • Exchange coins held in an external wallet

Below are step by step instructions for all 3 option.
Option 1: You have ADZcoins in your ad wallet

  • Visit the ad wallet withdrawal page
  • Check the “exchange for ad space” box and optionally the “dfy” box (to activate the dfy service), enter the amount to withdraw and click the withdraw button:

  • Enter the 2fa code that is sent to your email

That’s it! Within 24-48 hours your ADZcoins will be automatically exchanged for lifelong ad credits in the ADZbuzz ad server.
Option 2: You have ADZcoins in your web or earnings wallet
If you have ADZcoins stored in your web or earnings wallet follow these steps to exchange for lifelong ADZbuzz ad credits:

  • Go to the stats page In either your web or earnings wallet
  • Click the “transfer button” next to the total available balance:

  • Enter the amount you want to transfer, whether or not you want to enable the DFY service and click the transfer button:

That’s it! Transfers from the web and earnings wallet are automatically accepted and the ad credits will be added to your account within 24-48 hours.
Option 3: You have ADZcoins in an external wallet
Finally, if you have ADZcoins in your offline wallet or in an exchange you can also exchange your coins for lifelong ADZbuzz ad credits by following these steps:

  • Deposit your ADZcoins to the deposit address in your ADZbuzz web wallet here:

  • Transfer your coins from your web wallet to exchange them into ad credits here:

  • Enter the amount you want to transfer and whether or not you want to enable the DFY service and click the transfer button:

That’s it! Your coins will be exchanged to lifelong ADZbuzz ad credits within 24-48 hours.
Top ⇑

How to submit and manage my ads in the adverts manager?

  • Visit the ADZbuzz Adverts manager
  • To post a new ad visit the submit ad page and submit any url you want to promote:

  • And then choose the correct category and click the post and promote button:

  • In the my ads page you’ll now see your shared post, which will be pending approval. The ad will go live once it’s approved:

Here you can also see the amount of impressions and clicks your ad received so far.

  • Clicking the delete button will permanently delete your ad. Clicking the edit button allows you to pause the ad:

Top ⇑

Can I have multiple ads running at the same time?

Yes. You can have as many ads running at the same time as you want. If you have multiple ads active all ad impressions will be divided equally amongst your ads based on the amount of ADZcoins in your ad credits wallet.
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Does ADZbuzz have a referral program?

Yes. You can find your referral link and stats about the members you referred to ADZbuzz on the affiliates page.
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How does the ADZbuzz referral program work?

ADZbuzz has one of the most lucrative referral programs in the world, because referring a member to ADZbuzz allows you to earn from various sources. All platforms and features are connected to the main site and allow you to earn if your referral takes action or makes a purchase. Here is an overview:

  • Web wallet – 10% of transaction fees
  • ADZbuzz services – 10% per sale
  • ADZbuzz Titan – 10% of sales and earnings
  • Daily login bonus – Affiliate pool earnings
  • DFY advertising – 10% of member’s earnings
  • Exclusive ADZbuzz deals – 10% of sale
  • Many more to come…

In short: if you refer active ADZbuzz members (people that login daily) you’ll earn passive income for life.
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What is ADZcoin?

ADZcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin which is integrated into the ADZbuzz platform. All coins represent the total ad inventory of ADZbuzz and its partner sites. ADZcoin can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Dollars or other cryptocurrencies on various exchanges.
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What are the specifications of ADZcoin?

  • Ticker: ADZ
  • Algorithm: X11 Proof of Work
  • Target block time: 60 seconds
  • Block Reward: 40 ADZcoins
  • Block Reward Halving: Every 525,600 blocks
  • Difficulty retargeting using the multipool-resistant DigiShield
  • Total Supply: 84 Million ADZcoins
  • Shrinking supply because of ADZcoin Buyback program
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Is ADZcoin open source?

Yes. You can find the Github repository here.
Top ⇑

How can ADZcoin be used?

Every ADZcoin can be exchanged for lifelong ad credits in the ADZbuzz ad server. This is done by withdrawing coins to a burn address. When this is done the coins are automatically swapped for lifelong ad credits, allowing advertisers to submit ads and receive part of the daily ad impressions on ADZbuzz and its partner sites.
The ADZbuzz project also integrated a payment gateway into its platform called ADZbuzz Pay so in the near future it will be possible to use ADZcoin to buy and sell products and services, starting with the integration of ADZbuzz Pay into the ADZbuzz Services marketplace.
Top ⇑

Does ADZcoin have a shrinking supply?

Yes. There will only be 84 million ADZcoins ever created and every single ADZcoin can be exchanged for ad credits in the ADZbuzz ad server. Here’s how that works:

  • Acquire ADZcoins by either buying them on the exchanges or let us do it through the buy ADZcoin or ad space page.
  • Withdraw ADZcoins to the ADZbuzz ad server wallet.
  • All ADZcoins sent to this wallet become unspendable and are automatically swapped for lifelong ad credits.

The ADZbuzz ad server wallet ensures all ad credits purchased by advertisers become verifiable on the ADZcoin blockchain. This also means that the spendable supply decreases over time as more and more people swap their ADZcoins for lifelong ad credits, effectively lowering the amount of coins that can flood the market.
Top ⇑

What determines the price for ADZcoin?

The price of ADZcoin is determined by the law of supply and demand. The lower the supply and the higher the demand, the higher the price will be and vice versa.
Top ⇑

What determines the price of ADZbuzz ad space?

The price of ADZbuzz ad space is always tied to the current price of ADZcoin. The current price of ADZcoin can either be found on top of the ADZbuzz dashboard or on the ADZcoin page on Coinmarketcap
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ADZbuzz Limited

Where is ADZbuzz Limited Located?

ADZbuzz Limited is located at:

1 Fore Street Avenue
EC2Y 9DT London
United Kingdom

Top ⇑

What is the ADZbuzz Limited company number?

Company number: 10421850
Top ⇑

Who are the ADZbuzz Limited team members?

Please check the list of team members on the website.
Top ⇑

What is the ADZbuzz Limited roadmap?

This is the current roadmap of the ADZbuzz/ADZcoin project:

Top ⇑

What are the ADZbuzz terms of service and privacy policy?

Find them here:

Top ⇑


Top ⇑

Team Members

Top ⇑

If you need personal account help, please contact the ADZbuzz help desk, if you have general questions please ask in our community forum.

We hope you enjoy your stay at ADZbuzz!



Become An ADZbuzz Gold Member Today
And Get Access To These Features:

Access To Private Forum
On The ADZbuzz Forum We have a private forum where only gold members get access and where the latest company improvements are discussed. This allows you to get a front-row seat on this amazing ride called the ADZbuzz Project.

Ability To Add Signature In The ADZbuzz Forum
As the forum is expanding and starts generating more and more traffic, we will allow gold members to add a signature to their posts. This can be used to promote any type of product, even affiliate links are allowed.

Free Referrals Sent To You From ADZbuzz Promotions
The ADZbuzz Project promotes the platform in several places. All the referrals that sign up from ADZbuzz promotions or without any other referral (direct visitors) are divided amongst ADZbuzz gold members once a week.

Passive Qualification for the ADZbuzz profit share
ADZbuzz members who refer others to the platform get a share in the daily profits the platform makes. Because you will get free referrals as an ADZbuzz Gold member once a week you'll not only earn direct commissions but also a share in the daily profit without having to lift a finger!

Ability To Send Unlimited Emails To Your Referrals (Coming Soon)
A feature that will allow you to motivate your referrals to become active on ADZbuzz is the ability to send emails to your referrals. Since ADZbuzz Gold members will have new referrals coming in once a week, they'll be able to contact them as much as they want. This will turn into your very own autoresponder inside ADZbuzz in due time.

Option to own unlimited ADZbuzz Communities
People who want to put in some effort to grow their ADZbuzz earnings can create communities of popular sites and help publishers earn money, while at the same time earning as a community owner. Regular members can only own up to 10 communities at $99.95 claim price per community. Gold Members can own unlimited ADZbuzz Communities for a discounted community claim price of $75!

Access To The Newest Released Features Of The ADZbuzz Project
Want to take the new features on ADZbuzz for a test-drive? As a gold member you'll get access to the latest feature releases first and be on top of all the new releases that are created to expand our amazing project.

More to come!
We will constantly look out to expand the list of features that come with an ADZbuzz Gold membership. All of the new features will be included without extra charge for current ADZbuzz Gold Members.

What are you waiting for?

Grab the ADZbuzz Gold membership today:

→ $99.95 / 12 Months



→ $29.95 / 3 Months



Important: Prices May Rise Without Notice By High Demand.

Note: After you have made the purchase, please send your details (Transaction details, User ID and email used for ADZbuzz registration) to Support. When we receive the same we will process your account to allow you the Gold privileges.

To Our mutual success,
The ADZbuzz Team

PS: ADZbuzz Gold members directly help the project. 100% of earning from this membership is used for development and other employee payments!