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I am going to be giving away 1 ADZcoin each to the first 100 people to secure it.

To get the 1 ADZcoin all you have to do is follow the 3 steps below that takes moments especially if you already have an ADZbuzz account already.

1) Follow me on ADZbuzz:

2) Follow my community The Truth About Cancer:

3) Follow my community Popular Science:

Once you have done that then simply paste your ADZbuzz Web Wallet address in the comments of this post so that you can secure your ADZcoin.

Now 1 ADZcoin may be worth nothing now, but in the future the value rise from that coin could be worth a lot depending on how long you hold it for.

The reason why I am doing this is party for fun and to test something out

So you have nothing to lose by participating and if you do then please read the section below:

Important Note:

- You need to paste your payment address in the comments to secure your ADZcoin if you don't then I won't be chasing you up

- If you have already joined the communities and are already following me then simply paste your payment address in the comments if you want the ADZcoin

- All payments would be made once I have reached my target of 100 followers not before then

- This is a first come first receive post and only counts for the first 100 people that have done the above and posted their payment address; anybody after will not count

- Don't cheat because I will be double checking and there is no honour in trying to cheat

- If the price of ADZcoin sky-rockets all of a sudden before I reach 100 people then I have the right to pull this give-away early and close it. And in that case I would only pay out the people that have secured their spot by following the instructions in the post.
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2018-02-02T01:14:35+06:00 · 0 ·
Miles Laval Miles Laval Main Timeline
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Miles Laval Miles Laval Main Timeline
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Franc For example, how much ad credit you get if you burn 10,000 ADZ coins
2017-12-29T17:32:22+06:00 · 0 ·
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You Are One Community Away...

Join my ADZbuzz blog community here:
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What do you think? Should ADZbuzz have a Slogan?

Join my community:
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Paul Henry Nice thinking Miles Laval. Agree with you. Still thinking the best slogan though.
2017-11-10T09:43:19+06:00 · 0 ·
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