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Want To Earn $100+ Daily On ADZbuzz And Become Financially Free?
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Dear Passive Income Seeker,

In order to earn $100 per day on ADZbuzz, Follow these simple steps:

Become an ADZbuzz Gold Member

Acquire Unlimited Communities

Get Ad Credits To Promote Your Community (optional)

Grow Communities Until They Earn $2+ / Day Each

Congratulations, You now earn $100+ per day!

I told you it was easy right? :)


And to make it even better: This can be a 99% automated business! (the 1% is withdrawing your earnings)

ADZbuzz is creating the ultimate social content discovery platform in the world that will not only help publishers earn more money and get more visitors to their site, but also allow regular people to turn it into a real business.

ADZbuzz Gold members can own unlimited communities of popular sites. All active communities will earn daily income forever!


Check out all the amazing benefits:

You can grab communities of the most popular sites online

All your active communities will earn you income for life

You can sell communities for huge profits later on

You can turn this into a set and forget income stream if you want


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Now the most amazing communities are still available and we sell 10,000 communities at a discounted price.

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Get Community For Non Gold Members:

Pay Via Paypal

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Get Community For Gold Members:

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Enjoy the double benefit now and start your ADZbuzz business today!


What happens after my purchase?

Within 24 hours your limit as to how many communities you can create will be lifted and you’ll be able to create communities of available sites on this page.

How do communities earn?

Communities earn from their activity. If you have a community with active followers that engage with the content of the site, you will earn daily profits.

Where do earnings come from?

While ADZbuzz is still a work in progress and will constantly add extra income streams, we distribute earnings from the following sources:

Gold membership sales

New community sales

Established community sales success fees

Selling ad credits

The ADZbuzz Exchange trading fees

ADZbuzz wallet withdrawal fees

ADZbuzz Services fees

ADZbuzz hosting

ADZbuzz Savers affiliate commissions

Can I buy more than 50 communities?

Yes, Gold Members can now own unlimited communities.

When can I sell communities?

We are working on a marketplace similar to Flippa where you will able to sell communities that you have bought. This is similar to selling a website basically and we’ll make it very easy to list and sell your communities.

Can I create a new community after I sold it?

Yes if you’re a Gold member you can always own up to 50 communities, so if you sold an established community you can create a new one.

Can I really automate the entire system?

Yes. You can use ad credits to promote your communities and grow them automatically. If you don’t have an extra budget you can even use your daily earnings to acquire ad credits automatically and grow your business gradually over time.

Do I need special skills to run this business?

No. If you really want to start an online business, then this is by far the most easiest business model you’ll ever come across. You can automate 99% of this business, something which is impossible with any other type of online business.

Can I really earn a full-time income with ADZbuzz communities?

Yes. You can own unlimited communities and they all have the potential to earn money every day. With just $2+ a day on average per community you would earn $100+ a day. Plus a community that earns $2+ a day can be sold for $500-$1000+ which makes this business even better because you can turn your assets into big money at the click of a button at any time.

Can I change one community ownership for another?

No. You cannot exchange a claimed community ownership for another community for whatever reason. As a community ownership investor, please do the needed diligence to come up with a community that you are comfortable and sure of owning. If you change your mind, you can sell your community ownership on our exchange.

Need any more help?

Visit the ADZBuzz Communities section in the ADZbuzz forum.


Right now is the time to get this business up and running, good luck!

Note: For Gold Membership purchases, After you have made the purchase, please send your details (Transaction details, User ID and email used for ADZbuzz registration) to Support. When we receive the same we will process your account to allow you the Gold privileges.