Own Part Of the ADZbuzz Ad Space

And Retain 100% Ownership Of your Investment!

The ADZbuzz / ADZcoin project is proud to present an amazing new feature that will allow any marketer to generate traffic for the rest of his life.

Better yet, you actually own the ad space and can sell it back to other marketers at any time, potentially for the same or even a higher price than what you bought it for.

Sounds good?

Then read on!

I’m sure you wonder how this works, so let’s look at the mechanics of our system.

ADZbuzz And ADZbuzz Partner Sites

The ad space that is sold is from ADZbuzz.com, a Reddit-type social network that allows users to share content from any website online and which solves multiple problems for various groups of people.

ADZbuzz also has partner sites such as the ADZBuzz forum, Tifostarter and many more.

Currently ADZbuzz has about 100,000 users and growing by the thousands every single day!


ADZcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Only 84 million coins will ever exist and every ADZcoin can be swapped for permanent ad space on the ADZbuzz network.

How does this work?

  • You acquire ADZcoin (or let us do it for you)
  • You send ADZcoins to a burn address
  • Your ADZcoins are exchanged for lifelong ad space

The amount of coins you own and the amount of coins that are swapped for ad space will determine how much traffic you receive on a daily basis.

How much traffic can you generate?

Let me clarify this with an example:

  • You swap 10,000 ADZcoins for ad space
  • There are 10 million coins swapped for ad space
  • You own 0.1% of the total ADZbuzz ad space
  • ADZbuzz receives 10,000,000 ad impressions per day
  • Your coins will generate 10,000 ad impressions per day forever
  • With a click rate of 0.5% that means 50 clicks per day!

This is a basic overview of how the system works with some real numbers. All traffic is evenly distributed to marketers based on the amount of ADZcoin they hold in their ADZbuzz ad wallet. This makes it a pretty easy formula to determine how much traffic you will generate over time.

Ad space can be resold later on

Now the very cool thing about owning ad space is that it cannot only be used to generate daily traffic to your offers or sites for life, but it can also be resold at a later date!

How is that possible?

All transactions of bought ad space are verified on the ADZcoin blockchain. This means as soon as the ad space is acquired, you become the verified owner of that portion of the total ADZbuzz ad space.

In the ADZbuzz in-house exchange you’ll be able to sell part of your ADZbuzz ad space back to the ADZbuzz company or to other marketers who want to acquire ad space easily.

IMPORTANT: As the ADZbuzz project grows, so does the daily traffic every ad space credit generates. This means that the value of the ad space will go up over time, potentially allowing you to sell the ad space at a higher price than you actually bought it for. In this case you wouldn’t only be generating traffic for free but actually making a profit by selling ad space at a later date!

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What happens after my purchase?

You will be asked to send over your purchase details to our help desk and within 24-48 hours of receiving your info we will add the ad credits to your ADZbuzz account.

How much ad space will I get?

The ad space value is tied to the value of ADZcoin, a decentralized cryptocurrency which trades on various exchanges. To get an idea of how many ad credits you will acquire, please check the current value of ADZcoin in the top menu of the ADZbuzz site.

Can you give an example?

If you buy ad credits worth $500 and the ADZcoin value is $0.05, you will receive 10,000 ad credits. If the price of ADZcoin is higher you will receive less coins, If it’s lower you’ll receive more.

Can the price fluctuate?

Yes. Because this isn’t an automated system and we handle the payments manually, it’s possible that the final price of ADZcoin is a little higher or lower than at the moment of your purchase. Because ADZcoin is traded on an open market we are and cannot be responsible for any fluctuations during the period that we acquire the ad credits for you.

Can I buy ADZcoins myself and exchange them for ad space?

Yes. Buying ad space on this page saves you from the hassle of buying ADZcoins on the exchanges. We are also experienced traders and can assure that you will get the maximum amount of coins for your purchase.

Can I buy more than 1 package?

You can buy as many packages as you like.