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Now you can buy real estate located anywhere in the world either in whole or in part at a value much less than its market values thanks to blockchain technology

TwnklEstate (TE) connects Buyers and sellers of real estate worldwide such that buyers can buy properties at prices much less than their market values while sellers can sell them at market values and hence results into win-win situation between buyers and sellers of real estate thanks to TE real estate business model powered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrency Twnkl Estate Coin (TEC) which can only be bought by Rainbow Currency (YEM).

For example, the first real estate to be lined up for sale at TE that is located at Kingman, Arizona, USA has a market value of $80,000 but is sold for TEC worth $41,280 only! (100,000 FORs @ 0.12TEC per FOR @$3.44 per TEC).

Selling this much cheap compared to market value is possible because the real estate seller enters into option contract with TE to sell his property to TE within a specified period of time (in example above is 12 months) only if the value of YEM reaches a certain agreed future value (in the example above is $0.1 per YEM) which is greater than the current value ($0.01 per YEM). After entering that option contract, TE hosts the real estate into blockchain and creates 100,000 Fractional Ownership Rights for such a real estate to be sold to prospective buyers by preparing a smart contract to sell that real estate if and only if the agreed future price crystalizes. If the agreed future price (strike price) does not crystalize within the specified period then the FORs bought are returned to the buyers in full and the optional contract to buy the real estate is exercised by terminating it.

You can buy the whole property yourself by buying all Fractional Ownership Rights (FOR) for that property (100,000) or you can buy only a fraction of the whole real estate. You can buy a real estate located in a foreign country and retain digital ownership of that real estate through your FOR ownership.

Want an opportunity to make money with TE website?

Join TE website for free and invite real estate buyers to come and buy cheapest real estate deals they can’t get elsewhere so that you get opportunity to be paid affiliate commissions and family bonuses 5 generations deep whenever your invitees buy or rent real estate from the website or buy other products and services sold by SafeZone open network.

Below are the steps to join:

  1. Open this website
  2. Click on FREE SIGN UP button
  3. Click on GET YOUR FREE SAFEZONE PASS button
  5. Click SKIP VIDEO if you don't have time to listen to the video
  6. Click NEXT button below
  7. Fill the registration form by typing your email address then confirm it (type it again) in the next input box then create your password (which shall have at least 8 characters prefarably alphanumeric which includes small and capital letters, numbers and special character) and then confirm your password in the next input box. Make sure you have checked the two boxes put at the end of I AM AT LEAST 14 YEARS OLD and I AGREE TO THE TERMS AND PRIVACY and then click NEXT button.
  8. Save your PERNUM shown before you proceed as you will need it anytime you want to login. Then click “NEXT” button
  9. Put 6 digits to create your Masterpin. You will be asked 3 random numbers from your Masterpin each time you want to login. The order of numbering is from left to right. For example if you create 048261 as your Masterpin, then if you are asked to enter digits #2, #5 and #3 from your Masterpin, you will enter 468 and not 253; If you are asked to enter digits #6, #4 and #1 from your Masterpin, you will enter 120 and not 641; etc.
  10. Login by filling your PERNUM and Password (Not Masterpin) you used to join with while filling registration form
  11. Enter 3 digits from your Masterpin you are required to enter