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ADZcoin Supply VS. Ad Credits In Ad Server
9ADZbuzzXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXaZyGi2 This Is An Unspendable ADZ Address. Sending Coins To This Address Makes All Coins In Circulation More Valuable Copy Address View in Blockchain Explorer
Total ADZ Received: 0 Dollar Value: $0 Total ADZ In Circulation: 0
There will only be 84 million ADZcoins created, and each ADZcoin can be exchanged for permanent ad space on ADZbuzz and its partner sites. Once the coins are exchanged they are sent to the address above and can never be spent again!
This means that:
  • The total supply of ADZcoins shrinks every day
  • More ADZbuzz users means more ad impressions generated per ADZcoin
  • More ADZbuzz users = Higher ADZcoin demand
This makes ADZcoin the most prolific deflationary cryptocurrency with true intrinsic value in the world!
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